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          Our Advantages

          Why Choose Us

          • 20+Years Of Industrial Experiences

            Originated in 1998, HongKong, which is a talented dedicated R&D team of various Cooling Fan , and then created brand named "LEJOWE" as a production base in Shenzhen city, China since 2011.

          • Support OEM Customized Service

            For Non-Standard Fan, we have mold and molding factory with experienced engineers to help our customers make a reality according to their design concepts and ideas.

          • International ISO9001 Certificated System

            We are a ISO9001 quality certificated system manufacturer, and the quality of all products can pass national certificates such as FCC, ROHS, CE, UL, etc.

          • Very Competitive Price

            We are the most originally manufacturer, which can quote you the best EXW price. Also, the samples of low value can be offered for free to our customers do quality test.


          ABOUT US


          Shenzhen Lejowe Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd(LEJOWE) was established in 2011, which is a leading manufacturer and exporter that specialized in OEM customization, R&D, production, international sale and service solutions of DC Fan, AC Fan, EC Fan, Blower Fan and Non-Standard Fan.Former was Originated in 1998, HongKong, which is a famous R&D team of various Cooling Fans in the early years. The production base and headquarter office of LEJOWE is located in Shenzhen City, China with convenient transportation access, covering an area of 2,000 square meters, there are 3 assembly lines and 2 semi-finished product lines, which can produce more than 40000 units per day, we have now over 100 dedicated employees and 10 professional engineers to service our customers, an annual sales figure that exceeds tens of millions of dollars and are currently exporting around 45% of our production worldwide.


          NEWS CENTER

          Shenzhen Lejowe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

          Contact: Mr. Peter

          Cel: +86 135 3409 0599

          Tel: +86 0755-23088869

          Fax: +86 0755-23088819

          E: Peter@lejowe.com

          Add: 5/F, Building B, Heshengjia Industrial Park of Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, China.

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